Sorry for the absence… we have been enjoying a few days R&R in our lovely villa and getting back to ‘normal’ after 17 days cycling.

We are totally overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends, family and businesses. Our initial target of £5000 was high, but we have hit £7000!! How insane?! THANK YOU!

If you head to our Twitter and Facebook, you will see how you can get your hands on a Signed HTAFC Shirt from the Premier League Season 2018/19. It is a silent auction that ends next Wednsday 6th November.

Donations are still coming in; for anyone that hasn’t spared a penny yet (or wants to help support the guys get the car home!)

We want to give a special shout out to Walkers Jewellery who helped Hazel create a special broach to commemorate the journey the cyclists made – they have made the Ti-Konki logo that Paul designed, in Silver from 1954… how incredible?

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