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21st October – Pietraporzio to Millesimo… what a day! 119km covered, and it was STILL cold and rainy.

A slightly blurry pic from our evening in Millesimo… maybe that was the Birra Moretti’s?

DAY NINE & TEN (The Alps)

DAY 9 – Grenoble ➡️ Gap 🚴🏼‍♂️ 106km combined with 7384ft elevation..


Look at those views? What a weekend… Safe to say #TheAlps are gorgeous, but hard work for cyclists! The weekend has included a fall, a crash, and some very intense mountains… check out the views!

Stuart, Paul and Andrew deserve every bit of support! Keep sending the messages to them, they love it! Give generously and help them get to #Rome!


Apologies for the delay in posting! It has been busy, and we have done some miles!

A few pictures from Day 8 & the rest day on Friday, before the weekend in The Alps…

We reached £6000 raised, before we hit the rest day! thank you so much to everyone who has supported us through this journey.


Châlons-Sur-Saone to Amberieu-en-Bugey – if you follow us on twitter you would see the ‘Friends’ reference, someone fancy teaching the gents French pronunciation?

134km today, with a very frustrating headwind, but sunnier than yesterday. You can’t ask for everything right? The views were pretty special and they promise to get better through the ride!

We stopped in Tourn, Macon and St Andre before ‘landing’ in Amberieu-en-Bugey after 134km.

Remember the reason why we are doing this and CLICK HERE


Dijon to Chalons-sur-Saone, 78km COMPLETED

15th October saw us make our BBC Radio Leeds debut, thank you to Beth Parsons and Richard Stead for sharing our story, you can find it here: scroll through to 7:20ish (after Lisa & today’s Yorkshire weather) & you’ll hear Andrew & Paul sounding chipper.

One of the cyclists got a puncture later that day, AND it rained all day…. just what we needed 6 days into 17. Check out the images here:


162km complete! Arrived in Dijon and ready to relax for under half that distance tomorrow…

A few pics from today 👀📸 along with the route. If you have Strava, now is the time to be following Andrew Roebuck and Paul Burluraux!

Remember to share the links, so your friends and family can follow & support our journey… If you fancy a nice early wake up call then listen to the Ti-Konki Team LIVE from France on BBC Radio Leeds at 7.20am (or recorded at 8.20am) on 15th October 2019! Let us know where you are listening from, and what you think – all messages of support are appreciated.

455 miles complete, we are only a THIRD of the way into the ride… roll on Rome! 💙🚴🏼‍♂️

Yorkshire Cancer Research


Leaving Chateau-Thierry and heading to Troyes… it as a very tough 127km with wind speeds of up to 16mph. The gents were having to pedal downhill?! The gents are working hard and it is pretty special what they’re doing.

Remember you can DONATE to Yorkshire Cancer Research here:

There were some pretty special views, and some great pictures for today’s gallery! Which one is your favourite so far?


On Saturday the route saw the gents leave Albert to head to Chateau-Thierry!

We can’t thank our Friday night hosts (Muriel & Dillon) enough, the food was superb and they looked after us very well. Day 3 has had some pretty good picture opportunities… have a look: